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Inbound Marketing - 24. august

Kom på frokost og få innblikk i hvordan man kan bruke Inbound Marketing som markedsføringsmetode!

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24. August




08:30 – 09:30



Inbound marketing vokser svært raskt som markedsføringsmetode over hele verden. Maxiimilian Wensbo fra Hubspot Norge jobber med å hjelpe bedrifter til å forstå hvordan de kan bruke inbound marketing i markedsføringsstrategien. I dette foredraget vil du få innblikk i hvordan man bruker denne metoden ved å fokusere på strategisk tilnærming mellom salg og markedsføring.

Det handler om å skape et så godt og relevant innhold at kundene selv oppsøker din nettside, blir interessert og ønsker å kjøpe av deg!

Maximilian`s egne ord om foredraget:

All companies have a goal to grow their businesses, but have you really stopped and asked yourself WHY? Or maybe the questions is not why, but HOW?
There are so many different layers that are important to communicate and plan when you are looking into a growth strategy.
As a Marketer you might get a task from above (and I do not mean that in a religious way :D) to generate more leads for sales, do you truly understand why you need more leads? Do you even know what that lead means to sales?

Growth comes from understanding where we are and where we want to go, and take a course of action to alleviate that gap. So wether we are growing in terms of penetrating new verticals, growing our sales department, releasing a new product / service or simply because our owners / shareholders want to see a better or more stable result, we can understand WHY this growth is needed and HOW we should go about tackling it.

By understanding the GAP in our business we can address the change and take action.

As a Growth Specialist in Hubspot, my job is to hone in and challenge the status quo in businesses. Do you truly understand why you need to grow? One of my most frequent comments to people is – If you don’t understand, how can you ask me to help?

We will focus on what Hubspot see to be the key criteria behind growth, weather you are a brick and mortar store, or an e-comm driven business, and these two extremes have very different challenges and goals. The same we a business should target individual buyer-personas, every business have their own challenges and goals.

Hubspot have flipped the traditional marketing strategies on its head when we started working with models that are designed for attracting buyers to our services rather than speaking about what we do and how great our products/services are.”

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